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A fifth Letter to Khalid bin Dhawhi al-Dhafiri by Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel

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Approximately two years ago, I had offered a reward of $3000 US for anyone who would name any Sunni person who had been specifically named by our sheikh Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) with him saying: “So and so is an innovator”; and $5000 US for anyone who would prove that our sheikh Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen – even once – said to anyone: “I would like you to brand ‘so-and-so’ an innovator”. I gave one year’s time which has already elapsed without anyone having come forward to claim the reward.

Today I present a new enticing offer, a reward for the students of Dr Khalid bin Dahwi (al-Dhafiri) and others which is as follows:

Whoever brings me in written or recorded format the following words: Tariq al-Eesa – the President of the Administrative Council of Jamʿiyyah Iḥyā ut-Turāth is an innovator; spoken by any one of these four: Dr Khalid bin Dahwi (al Dhafiri), Muhammed bin Uthman al-Anjari, Ahmed bin Husain al-Subayi, Dr Fawaz al-Awdi, shall be rewarded 1,001 Kuwaiti dinars or its equivalent in Saudi riyals or US dollars or any other currency the winner wishes to claim in. The offer shall remain valid for one year beginning from the date of publication of this article. If you are unable to meet the requirements to claim the reward, then go back and read my article carefully. You shall become aware of matters which you were previously unaware of.

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