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Are Isis khawarij? Shaykh Dr Ahmed an-Najjar


Are Isis khawarij? Shaykh Dr Ahmed an-Najjar

Question:Is the organisation who name themselves as Isis from the khawarij?

Answer: With regards to those that call themselves the Islamic state or Isis or their likes

As i previously mentioned. The Ruling on them is known from their foundation (usool) so the foundation that Isis are based upon is the Foundation(usool) of the khawarij, So as long as their (Isis) foundation is the same as the Khawarij then they take the same ruling.

The Khawarij are established upon two foundations


2.The shedding and spilling of blood(without due right)

Takfir upon one without due right. Isis are established upon these two foundations

1.Excommunication from Islam

Translated by Jafar Ibn Ruel Jeffrey



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