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The believer must remind and advise his brother-Shaykh ibn Baz (rahimullah)

وقال الإمام ابن باز رحمه الله: فالمؤمن يذكر أخاه ولا يقول : أخي عنده علم يدري عن هذا ، لا ، إذا رأيت منه شيئا من التفريط والتساهل أو ظهر لك شيء من الغفلة والإعراض فانصح أخاك وذكره بالله بالعبارات الحسنة والأسلوب القيم الذي يتضمن العطف عليه والخوف عليه والحرص على نجاته وسعادته ، فأخوك من نصحك وذكرك ونبهك ، وليس أخوك من غفل عنك وأعرض عنك وجاملك ، ولكن أخاك في الحقيقة هو الذي ينصحك والذي يعظك ويذكرك ، يدعوك إلى الله ، يبين لك طريق النجاة حتى تسلكه ، ويحذرك من طريق الهلاك ويبين لك سوء عاقبته حتى تجتنبه. (“مجموع فتاوى ابن باز”/13/ص266-267).—————————
Imam ibn baaz said may allah have mercy upon him : the believer reminds his brother and he doesn’t say ” my brother has knowledge regarding this affair and knows ( he is mistaken )
NO , if you see a deficiency in him , or him being too watered down ( in affairs of the religion ) or it becomes apparent to you that he is in a state of heedlesness then advise him and and remind him of allah with words in a  good manner and good etiquettes that consists of sympathy and shows that you are scared for him and that you are eager for him him to be saved,

Rather your brother in reality is the one who advises reminds and warns you , and he who is unmindful and turns away from you  is not your brother , rather in reality your brother is he who reminds you , calls you to allah and clarifies to you the straight path until you tread on it, and warns of the destructive path and makes manifest to you it’s bad ending until you stay away form it.
Majmoo al fatawa of ibn baaz v13 p 266-267

Translated by abu taymiya

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