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The Da’wah salafiyyah has spread in Sudan but there are problems-Shaykh Ali Hasan al-Halabi حفظه الله

I returned from my trip for dawah in Sudan last monday and i resumed my lessons in Amman (Jordan).

My habit is whenever i return from a trip I always make my first lesson an open question and answer session.  I thought to myself i would speak about my journey and its affects but i decided to not speak on this (topic) for a reason that i will mention later insha Allaah, so i gave a general reminder for those that were present then i opened the door for questions,

The first question suddenly without any hesitation was “Tell us about your Journey to give Da’wah in Sudan“? I said to myself this is  what i was fearing innallilahi wa- ina-illahi raje’oon! so I gave a summary of my good impression of the virtues of the people of Sudan and the brotherly love that exists between the sudaneese students of knowledge and the eagerness to learn and implement the sunnah and for da’wah and to attend the gatherings of knowledge. This is what i have seen in them and i dont praise anybody above Allaah.

This does not negate the need for the most of sudaneese people who need da’wah to( the correct) aqeedah  and learning the sunnah but i stopped here to mention a very important issue.How was i going to explain this? how was i going to point to this issue? It was was the main reason that prevented me disscussing this in the lecture i gave my journey ilmiyyah to sudan

so what was the reason?

It is the situation  of those who ascribe to the dawah salafiyyah (in sudan) they are split and divided into a number of different groups and factions.

1. Ansarus Sunnah Muhamadiyah they are divided into two divisions:Da,wah and political.The dawah section has those from it who are active in Da’wah and Knowledge and a distiguishing salafiyyah.

2. Jamahiyyah kitab wa Sunnah: they are also divided into two factions and they have a legal dispute between them!

3.The Gulaat (those that go to extremes in crticising and defaming) and despite their few numbers and their ignorance are divided into four factions until now.

two issues brings Interest regarding their (The Gulaat) situation

A. All of them warn from one another rather some of them even make tabdi of one another while they all ascribe themselves to the manhaj of Dr Rabi madkhali in criticising.

B.When they recieved news of my impending vsit to sudan before my arrival they distributed posters warning against me including some of them proclaiming that i was misguided

they  put them in the markets in the streets and even on the electricity posts! while at the same time they did not say anything  against the sufis or the takfiris or the hizbees!!!

4.The Independent Salafis: Who do not have any connection to the previously mentioned groups

Here i have to say that these brothers (The independent salafis) are genrally closest to the knowledge based salafi manhaj that we learnt from Shaykh Al-Albani rahimullah, with  varying affilation to the everlasting  just salafi manhaj.

and some of the Gulaat and the ansarus sunnah are involoved polictical activistvism

and i dont know with what or how you can distinguish those independent (salafis) from the others. I hope from my lord the most the most high

firstly: that he gathers all these salafis on the aqeedah of the salaf and the manhaj of the salaf and the manners of the salaf

secondly that he makes clear to our salafi brothers the independent ones their dectractors who have enthusim without any understanding   which could be a cause to cloud their clear pure manhaj and i hope that they would not open the door to  fitnah for them and divide them

Translated by Jafar ibn ruel Jeffrey

shakh ALI warning poster

posters put up by those that go to extremes oustside the masjid in sudan where shaykh Ali hasan al halabi was delivering his lessons of knowledge,The posters declared that shaykh Ali was “Misguided”

crowd halabi 1

The people did not take notice of the warning and attended in droves

crowd halabi 2



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