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O, Student of knowledge beware of being Aboo Shibr! :Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār (hafidhahullāh)

Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār

O, Student of knowledge  beware of being Aboo Shibr!

O beloved brothers, I wanted to outline a bitter reality of the one who is “Aboo Shibr”, who is the arrogant Muta’aalim [the pseudo-scholar who feigns knowledge]. This is a reality which we have been suffering from and still suffer from and much corruption and causes of corruption stem from him, along with also transgression Allaah’s Rights and the peoples’ rights. Unfortunately, as it is hidden and not comprehended by those who fall into it, and speaking about it is only out of relaying its occurrence and mentioning its descriptions. There is nothing upon them except to look to see if they are tested with the characteristics which have been mentioned or the realities which have been relayed or not. If a person finds that he has fallen into one of these characteristics he has to strive to retract from it and know the true estimation of his own self and not be deceived by the many people of ignorance who may praise him. This is the reality which is I wanted to relay, and the descriptions that I wanted to mention are:
That some who seek knowledge intend to merely memorise the statements of whoever they extol and the evidences which they mention, his understanding does not surpass anything more than this yet he thinks that he has obtained all of knowledge or most of it. He imagines that he is able to differentiate between truth and falsehood and in doing so he causes much problems for people as based on it is necessitating people to accept one view as this fake student of knowledge does not know anything else. And allegiance and disavowal may also arise due to this wherein anyone who has a contrary view is hated, boycotted and defamed, and this is what occurs. This miskeen does not realise that there are other views in the issue other than the view of his Shaykh, just as he is unaware of the basis of the view, its juristic reason, its foundation, the objections to it and the answers to them, etc. He could know some of them yet not others, and thus transgresses based on what he does know and in reality his errors are more than his accuracies, and his perception of the issues and statements are only a partial-perception, that is even if it can be said to be a perception. Due to his audacity and his delusion you will find that he sticks his nose into everything, thus causing more harm than he does benefit.
The most dangerous thing to knowledge and its people is: the students of knowledge maintaining justice if their position is transgressed against. This is an issue which we suffer from greatly, and if only a person sufficed with what he knows and knows the true estimation of his own self, corruption and causing corruption would not stem from him. However, unfortunately they transgress the bounds, except for the ones to whom Allaah shows mercy. Many of them often go from opinion to opinion, and from view to view, and whoever was good yesterday has become bad today and vis-a-versa. We seek refuge in Allaah from such betrayal. Of them are those who read to some of the people of knowledge however they are not grounded on the basic foundations properly; of them are those who studied from tapes and books without taking directly from the scholars, this does not mean that all who did not take knowledge direct from the hands of the scholars are weak and ungrounded, but the lesson is in the manner of such reading and traversing the right path in seeking knowledge. Before all of that: is success from Allaah.
Of the reasons for such audacity and arrogance in regards to knowledge is:
1. Weak grounding along with the pseudo-student of knowledge arrogantly thinking in himself that he has attained a major level of knowledge.
2. The ignoramuses praising him and raising him above his level.
3. His audacity to speak on that which he has no knowledge
The cure of that is: for a person to know the true estimation of his own self, not to be deluded by the ignoramuses praise of him and for the strong students of knowledge to clarify to him his status in knowledge, and to traverse the path of exhortation and admonition in refuting him so that his actual level becomes known. Finally, what motivated me to write this was to wake up those [people] and clarify that weighing up what those who write is not in the hands of the ignorant people but rather the strong students of knowledge. I also do not intend with this to apply it to a specific person rather my intent is to clarify general characteristics without applying them to a specific person. I leave the reality to the students of knowledge: Tahqeeq ul-Manaat [how to achieve the Manāt (the definitive grounds of the rule)], via mentioning testimonies and establishing clarifications so that the students of knowledge know the reality of the claimant, and just how many a claimant there is by whom the ignorant are deceived. For many claim knowledge and to have achieved it, yet knowledge does not acknowledge that for him. Allaahu Musta’aan.

I ask Allaah to grant us success in all goodness and to make us guided.

Written by,
Dr Ahmad Muhammad as-Sādiq an-Najjār
14th Dhu’l-Hijjah 1436 AH

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