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Recent Events in Gaza & our Obligations – Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan (may Allaah preserve him)

Recent Events in Gaza & our Obligations – Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan (may Allaah preserve him)[1]

In the Name of Allaah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of all that exists and ay peace and blessings be upon he who was sent as a mercy for all that exists, our prophet Muhammad and upon his family and followers:

The questions are many but most are related to the terrible events of Gaza. And there are some questions about the qunoot and other subjects. We will try to answer those that are necessary.

One of the brothers is asking that some of the Imaams from our brother Salafis are not making qunoot in the prayer because they do not like Hamas.

Another is asking whether it is permissible for the individual to make the qunoot when a calamity falls.
Another asks what the position of the Muslim is with regards to these events.
What is our stance with regards to Hamas?
What is our position with regards to aid that is collected for them and given as you see?

The answer:

Hamas and other than Hamas have not remained as a complete nation. Missiles are landing that have no feeling, nor do they know where they are falling. Masjids are being destroyed and a people are being displaced.

The dua should be made for the Muslims – the prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam and his companions wanted Allaah to give victory to the Room over the Persians – so what about Hamas and Hamas are from the Muslims? At this time, they have what the Muslims have – the obligation of preserving their lives and honour.

As for us limiting ourselves to dua and sadaqah, this would not be the stance of a living heart! Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah says that associating and disassociating may both be within the heart of the Muslim – they disassociate from certain things and associate with certain things. They do not disassociate completely, except from the mushrikeen.

As I mentioned, what is occurring today in Gaza is moving – and moves [emotionally] all. So dua should be performed in congregation and individual prayer. When he used to make dua, the prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, would make dua using the best wording. It is upon our brothers, especially the imaams of the masaajid to invoke with the very same words, as blessings are to be found in the dua with his wording. He used to say, sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, ‘O Allaah, save so-and-so’; ‘O Allaah, curse so-and-so.’ So there is no harm in saying, ‘O Allaah curse the Yahoodi Minister of defence and all those who determine to kill the Muslims.’

We should not be affected by communications nor official speech [propaganda].

During the first days of the events unfolding, I hear an imaam saying something that I altered, and in the next lesson that we will study, we will see the [issue of] excusing due to ignorance. He made a good dua but he made all aspect of it connected with Israel. We are not officialdom, nor are we propagandists, we are students of knowledge of the Islaamic Sharee’ah. Israel in the Book of our Lord and hadeeth of our prophet is our prophet, the prophet of Allaah Ya’qoob. So when we supplicate, we supplicate against the Yahood, not Israel, as Israel is free of them, upon him be peace. For you to curse Israel is apostasy, as the intent behind Israel is none other than Ya’qoob, and we believe with certainty that the lord of Israel is our lord and the lord of the Yahood, abour whom I have mentioned their belief – so we supplicate against the Yahood. We are not harmed by ‘Umar and then curse Khalid! We supplicate against those who harm us and are specific in doing so – the more we make our supplications against specific individuals, the closer it is to being answered – as there could be a western Jewish person who is not in Palestine. So we make dua against those who have authority – so if we can name them, we do so specifically so we are just and identify who we intend. And this is from the guidance of the prophet sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – that he would pray for success for specific individuals and curse specific individuals without long speeches before or after.

And the prophet sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, as is in Musnad Ahmad prayed [against someone] in the five prayers, not specifically in one of them. His dua in his five prayers was against those who had killed his companions – and this is for the individual, congregation and other than them.

To help with food and water and that which we can, from doctors and nurses if they can go and help there, is good – especially since there are temporary hospitals, as I have been told, heading towards Gaza.

I do not try to hide the fact that there is great fear about Hamas and the Shi’ah. And with sorry, there are no strong sound Sunni voices that have connections with Hamas that could have a good positive effect. But the one who is drowning will clutch at anything. And the Shi’ah are like the Yahood; they show something different to that which they conceal. They outwardly show stances that resonate with the ordinary Muslim but do not be deceived by these resonations.

The bridge towards Hamas should be left open to deliver them from that which they are in and so that the Shi’ah do not have a direct influence. It is fitting to be guard them [Hamas] against their satellite channels and beliefs – and Ahlus Sunnah have been negligent in doing this. And this is something that we fear that Allaah will delay victory due to. For one to look upon Abu Bakr and ‘Umar with an eye of scorn or at Aa’isha with an eye of degradation is a cause from the causes of loss. So those who have intellect look to see the consequences of actions.


Question: A brother sent a long message, in which he asks what the substitute is, in Allaah’s legislation, to demonstrations, strikes and the like of these.

The answer: These demonstrations and strikes are not at all from Allaah’s legislation – no matter who accepts it or rejects it. The ruling of the Legislation with regards to that which is happening in Palestine is to open the pathways to jihaad with the correct, established conditions of jihaad fulfilled – that the leaders enlist an army from the masses and take up preparation [for jihaad].They should provide safe passage to those lads and establish what they can.

This Legislation [the Islaamic Legislation]has superiority and sufficiency. There is no way that the Legislation could bring something that does not work for the benefit of the Muslims at any time, era or in any form or state.

By Allaah, if demonstrations and strikes were legislated, the Islaamic Shariyyah would have come with it. They would have come in the Book and Sunnah. Those who establish these acts know that they are not to be found [in the Book and Sunnah]. Sufficiency and superiority is in the [Islaamic] Legislation.

However, from the virtue of the Legislation is that it weighs up the high and low consequences for mankind in their living an in the Hereafter through its rulings and for their hereafter between those who can and those who cannot. ‘If I order you with something, do it as much as you can’ so if we cannot do something, and Allaah knows the truthfulness of our intentions, but do that which Allaah has made obligatory upon us and die, Allaah will not hold us to account. However, the results of the these matters in the dunya are in the dunya and encompass all – might and honour, rather sustenance – the sustenance of this ummah, as is in the authentic hadeeth ‘And my sustenance has been placed under the shade of my spear.’ So our sustenance is through jihaad and sustenance is life. And our enemies do not crave anything from us except the good that is in our lands.

So the Sharee cure is to aid the brothers with dua – all of us helping with that which they can.

We do not want rashness or stupidity, nor actions carried out by individuals who have no responsibility, that do not bear any fruit and lead the one who carried them out to unpleasant outcomes. We call all those who can to put something forth. We do not want to champion slogans and win positions – we want Shariyyah rulings.

And I am from those, by Allaah, who has prepared themselves . And Allaah knows that what I say – that if the door to jihaad were open now, I would be, by the permission of Allaah, from those who help our brothers. And I say, excusing myself to them, that I cannot do more than this. Either I can stand myself, but this is something I cannot do, nor is it something I accept for myself or other than me because those in authority are more aware of the intricacies of these matters.

What is obligatory upon them is to order the people to do this. This is what is obligatory upon them – if not, then the doors to jihaad will be closed by our actions and sin. This is what the Salaf as Saalih taught us – that we fight our enemies with our actions (as Abu Darda said).

These are the realities of the Legislation that we cannot be unmindful of – things that we say and repeat always – at times of difficulty and ease, at times of leisure and when being forced; in that which we like and that which we do not. Bitter as it is upon the soul but this is the Sunnah of Allaah, that does not change.

Helping to open the doors to jihaad is not in our hands, but in the hands of those in authority. If they open them, I would say it would be obligatory upon every Muslim able to carry arms to fall under the banner that they have opened for us.

But if they do not do this, then we seek closeness to Allaah, our lord and ask Him for soundness, establishment and guidance for all the Muslims; to give them success for every good; to guide their thoughts and distance evil from them.

This is what is obligatory upon us, and from the beauty of our religion, as I have mentioned, is that if you are ordered to do something, you do as much of it as possible and if our lord prohibits us from something, it is obligatory upon us to stay away from it.

And may peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad and his family and followers.



 Translated by Akeel Ahmed

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