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Revisting the Fatwa of the Lagna against Shaykh Ali Hasan al-Halabi- a reply to the fatwa by shaykh Ali hasan al- halabi – الحجة القامة في نصرة اللجنة الداءمة

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In 1421 a.h coinciding with the year 2000   the permanant commite (Lagna a-Da`imah) issued a fatwa against  two books that were authord by shaykh Ali hasan al halabi one book was entitled “Tathir min fitnatul takfeer ” the other book was entitled “Saihatu nathir“. the fatwa accused the author of calling to the aqeedah of the murjia in the these two books,they also accused the author of falsely transmitting statements from Ibn kathir and Shaykul Islam ibn Taymiyyah The fatwa had a number flaws  that the  leading senior scholars expressed at that time.

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen said about the fatwa “This fatwa is a mistake from the lagna and i was stunned by this fatwa.Muslims from all over world have read this fatwa they have even  contacted me from america and europe.Nobody benefitted from this fatwa except the  takfirees and the revolutionist” (page 25)

He also said ” I am not pleased that this fatwa was issued because in it is that which will cause confusion for the people my advice to the the students of knowledge is that they should  not give any care for the fatwa  of fulan or fulan” (page 25)

Shaykh AbdulMuhsin was asked about the “impact of the fatwa on whom it was issued regarding”. Shaykh AbdulMuhsin replied: “it has no impact on him at all” (i.e. it does not harm him, effect him. i.e. it does not detract from him). page 29

The procedure:

Shaykh Ali hasan stated ” I visited the honrouble Shaykh Salih bin Fawzan al Fawzan may Allaah grant him success in his place of  residence in mecca during the days of mina in hajj in the year 1421 (2000),I was accompanied by some mashaykh and students of knowledge so i asked him ” Was the observations on my book tathir min fitna al takfir researched by the permanant commitee themselves? Did they read the book themselves? following on from that (question) was the fatwa issued with their consensus and all their signatures?

Or was it that these observations (on my books) were presented to them (the permanant committe) by a researcher or helper or an assistant? What was the format of the procedure?

So the Honrouble shaykh fawzaan responded may Allaah grant him success “Indeed they( The permanant committe) did not individually read the whole book themselves.The observations were presented to them then secondly they wrote their criticisms on them (the observations) but we referenced the observations back to the usul (i.e the book) page 7




There are a number of obsevations that were noted in the process of  issuing the fatwa and the contents of the fatwa itself from them are:

1.The Fatwa carried the claimed that shaykh ali hasan called to the beleif that actions were not a condition for the correctness of Iman,This issue was not disscussed or mentioned in the two books that were critiqued,page 42

2.The fatwa carried the claim that the author of the two books limited kufr to  two types of major Kufr Juhood and Taktheeb and and that major kufr could only take place by making permissible prohibitions  when in reality the author (shaykh Ali Hasan al -halabi) clearly stated in one of the books that was crticised by the commitee saihatu nathir on page 47 that the the major kufr is divided into five catogories (page 59)

Note:What is ironic in this affair is that some of  those who were formost in defending shaykh Ali hasan al-halabi against the accussation of irja against him at that time translated and published his respone to the permanant committe back in the year 2000 which can be found here, have now done a 180 degree u-turn and are now claiming that shaykh Ali hasan is a murji an example of that can be found here !!!

Complied and translated qoutes by Jafar Jeffrey


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