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Shaykh Ibrahim ar-Ruhaylee Defends Shaykh al-Albani and his Students from the accusation of Irjaa

Shaykh Ibrahim ar Ruhaylee was asked in his lesson on the principles of takfeer about the accusation of shaykh al-Allbani having irjaa in his aqeedah

First of all before I respond it is obligatory upon a Muslim to verify before he ascribes a man who is from ahlul sunnah to be from ahlul bidah let alone the heads of the ulama such as shaykh albani rahimullah because accusing a man of being an innovator is a serious matter as some of the Imams have said.


And as I said Walahi this exhortation is for our benefit. Oh brothers! we are here in this wordly life and we speak a lot and we give rulings (upon others) all of this will be against us and will be written in our books, so if a person doesn’t know an issue he should restrain his tounge  as Allaah the mighty and majestic said ” And follow not that which you have no knowledge” Surah Al-Isra ayah 36


Shaykh Albani is free from irjaa.One day I was tested, someone sent me a letter requesting that I make a recording in where I was to make the accusation that the shaykh had irja.This recording was to be presented to shaykh Albani.I then carefully studied  all the places  in the books of shaykh Albani where irjaa was attributed to him.I found (from my research) Alhamdulilal that he was free from this accusation.


Shaykh al-Albani rahimullah made it clear in his books that Iman consists of beleif, statements and actions and that iman increases and decreases and he included istithna in Iman.Shaykh al-Albani was foremost in spreading the books of Iman (such as kitabul) “Iman of ibn Abi Shaybah” and(kitabul) Iman of Abi ubayd alqasim bin salam and (kitabul) Iman by Shaykhul Islam ibnu Tamiyah, if he was Murji he would not spread (the knowledge) of these books.This is one issue.


Another issue the speech of the Shaykh (al-Albani) is Clear and apparent in his approval of the aqeedah of Ahlul sunnah wal Jamaah in the issue of Iman even to the extent he himself responded to this issue where he stated “I say the Murjia will not accept me as ibn Mubarak said “they (the murjia) will not accept me” because i say speech and actions are from iman and the murjia say actions are not from iman”(end of quote)


Allaah has made it easy for me to complile a treatise with the title”Freeing the Imam the Muhadith from the statements of the Murjia Muhdith” and it is Wallahi something that I hope will be saved for me on the Day of Judgement the defence of this Imam al Alim despite me having no connection to him or relation to him rather I did not even see the Shaykh with my own eyes, because when he visited madeenah I did not mange to meet him because his meetings were private and I was busy with my writings and my lessons, but despite that the defence of the people of knowledge is a means for the Muslim to draw closer to Allah.


The ulama have responded to this doubt.Shaykh uthaymeen was asked about this so he said whoever claims al-Albani is Murji he either doesn’t know al-Albani or he doesn’t know irja


He (Shaykh uthaymeen) spoke the truth because the one who ascribes irja to al-Albani either he doesn’t know irja or he doesn’t know al-Albani,as for the one who knows irja……. and my speciality is aqeedah I studied irja and I know the meaning of  the statements of the Murjia and the reason for its being named (irja) and if he was a murjia wallahi I would say this openly and I would not  mind what anybody said as I previously made the ruling of bidah on some of Ahlul bidah when I have found this in their speech.


As for the students of the Shaykh انشالله they are on his way No doubt they are not on the same level as the shaykh with regards to his knowledge and his virtue but they are on his path with regards to his following and they are our brothers for the sake of Allaah.They have a good blessed striving in calling to Allaah and mistakes can come from them as it can come from other than them from statements and expressions but this issue doesn’t take them out of Ahlul sunnah and I say this is the case with all men as Imam Maalik said”There is none from us except that his statements can be accepted or rejected except the in inhabitant of this grave صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Translated by Jafar ibn Ruel Jeffrey






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