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Shaykh Mashūr Hasan Āl Salmān (hafidhahullāh) advice on taking knowledge from those who are extreme in tabdee


Shaykh do you advise to take knowledge from those who are extreme in Tabdee’?

Answer from Shaykh Mashhoor:
No, I do not advise taking knowledge, as we are not just in need of taking knowledge from the ’Ulama. As the people, just as they are in need for the knowledge of the ’Ulama moreso than they need food and drink, yet they are also in need of the silence of the ’Ulama and also of the way of the ’Ulama in treating matters. For this reason, they are the most merciful of the people with the people, today those who lived with the senior ’Ulama have mercy in their hearts for the creation. Yesterday some of the brothers sent me a clip of a small student of knowledge, not really proficient, yet unfortunately was being interviewed on one of the satellite channels and he made takfeer of all Saudi! He said that there is no Saudi Muslim except for me! The Saudi interviewer said to him: “what about me?” He replied: “You are a kaafir twice over!” Not even a ‘Kaafir’?! The interviewer said: “why?” He responded: “Because the grave of the Prophet is in the Masjid and that is an evil and no one rejects it!” So is the one who does not reject an evil to be considered a disbeliever?!
From some people you can feel that there is no mercy in their hearts and if you were to say a word they will say that which you did not say arguing that you intended such and such. If you were to then say to him: “akhee, I did not intend that I actually intended this”, he will reply with: “no, your intent is this!” You then reply: “listen man, my intent was righteous action and I strive against myself and fear that Riyaa’ will enter my intention. Yet you come and attempt to look into and know my intention?!” You perform apparently righteous actions then such a person comes and attempts to enter your heart as if he is the Lord of the Worlds and corrupts your apparent righteous actions by going into your heart and intention.
Is this the way of the intelligent people? Is this the way of those who fear Allaah?! By Allaah some of the extremists if you lived with them for a year or two, three, four or five years you will see that he does not fast voluntary fasts, he does not read even a page from the Qur’aan. He may have books and publications yet he reads nothing from Allaah’s Book in ten years, does not fast a voluntary fast, does not pray a voluntary prayer, does not pray Witr and does not get up to pray Qiyaam ul-Layl.
By Allaah I made Umrah and they do not make Tawaaf and do not pray in the House of Allaah. Some of our noble brothers in America who was responsible for an Islamic Centre there, he is possibly with us now as he is on holiday and is staying in our area, he said: “Brothers, where is the Tarbiyah of the people in the Adhkaar, prayers and heart-softening matters”. they said to him: “We are not upon Soofiyyah, we are not Soofees.” Allaah’s Refuge is sought. You will not see in such people any religiosity, humility, silence, righteousness or safeguarding of obedience or worship. Even in Makkah! You will see that one of them has no actions except for going from house to house cursing and defaming the ’Ulama, going from place to place, Waleemah to Waleemah.
I say all of this out of my knowledge of some people and in keeping with the manhaj of the Prophet (sal): “What is with a people…?” I have not named any of them, I ask Allaah for mercy and goodness. Some people also have hatred for people and for the ’Ulama, and thus carry statements in ways which they do not intend. So one of them will say to you: “You say this…” You respond: “okay my beloved brother, I say this but my words are to be taken as they are uttered not based on what the binding necessary implication of my words.” He says to you: “[no, they are to be taken] on the necessary binding implication of your words.” [You say]: “Okay, but the necessary binding implication of my words are not a Madhhab!
I am not one whose words cannot contain baatil, that is for Allaah’s Words and as such there is a necessary binding implication of the text [of Allaah]. The necessary binding implication of a Madhhab is a Madhhab, as for words other than that of Allaah or our Prophet, those words are not necessarily binding. So by you merely understanding words to be necessarily binding in their implication as you understand it which is not what I intend, you have to comply and say enough.” The words of the people of knowledge, the necessary binding implication of a Madhhab is not a Madhhab. [You say]: “Okay akhee, if you see this from me, this is the necessary binding implication of the Madhhab yet I do not say this.” [He says]: “No, you say this.”
[You say]: “okay akhee, if something emanates from me and I repent?” [He says]: “I do not accept your Tawbah.” [You say]: “You do not accept my Tabah? I repent, I repent to Allaah.” [He will say]: “Your tawbah is unacceptable!” I seek refuge in Allaah, what kind of deen is this? Unfortunately, they have corrupted the da’wah Salafiyyah.

We do not approve of this way and none should take form such people or research about the issues between them, we ask Allaah for mercy and safety.

From the Shaykh’s question and answer session during August 2015:

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