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Similarities between the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimoon) and the Ghulaat of Tajreeh:Shaykh Dr Ahmed an Najjar

All praise is due to Allaah and may his Salat and Salam  be upon the one after whom came no prophet

As for what follows, the objective of listing down similarities between the those that have gone to extremes (in tajreeh) is to warn from innovated actions and to to clarify their departure from the methodology of the Salaf as Salih

And it is not to be understood that affirming a similarity from one angle means that it is being applied   or that the two groups are absolutely similar.

From the innovated practices of the the Muslim Brotherhood is (Blindly) obeying their leaders without any hesitation or pondering as Hasan albanna said in his writing


So the way that the daw’ah is organised in this situation or place is like the mentality of the sufi and of an army embarking opon a military operation

The distinguishing symbols of these two (groups) is that when they are commanded with an order they obey without any hesitation and without any reflection

And if he doesn’t comply he will be expelled from group if he displays any non compliance and if he doesn’t obey.

Umar al-Talamasaani said in dhakirayaat la Mudhakiraat.

He should be in front of you as a dead person is being prepared to be washed by hasan al banna


All of that is in opposition to the evidences as i have clarified in my article the methodology of hearing one particular scholar absolutely

They (the muslim brotherhood) put their leaders on the same level as the leader of a country  who should be obeyed in that which is good

but the reality this is something wrong and rejected.

But we are not on the topic of rejecting this evil bidah

The Ghulaat of tajreeh are similar to the Muslim brotherhood in their obedience to some of the scholars, despite not taking it to the level where the pledge of allegiance is made to them and they do not put the scholars on the same level as the  ruler of the country.

So you will find a group from amongst them (the ghulaat) having bigoted partisanship to some of the scholars and they don’t see that they should be opposed and they obey them in their ijtihad without any hesitation, in their warnings and their criticisms and their likes

so their sayings mirror the speech of those scholars and they use the same evidences as those scholars to the exclusion of other scholars from Ahlul sunnah

(so they believe) that the student must follow (those particular scholars) in their opinions and their ijtihad in manhaj and they are not to be opposed. And if he the (the student) takes the opinion that the stronger proof is with other scholars he will be warned against and tabdi will most likely be made of him.

And one of them(the ghulaat) said to his brother ” If you hear so and so shaykh mention a proof in relation to warning against so and so beware of opposing him or you will become of those who follow their desires

Another said “So and so is not from amongst the people of knowledge because our shaykh spoke against him

And another said “and your actions clearly show how far how far you follow  the instructions and advices of the people of knowledge especially the greatest amongst them without hesitation, Implementing the manhaj of hearing and obeying”.

And other than that (of examples)

and the reality is more severe than that

And how many people of spoken about the scholars of Alul sunnah with the claim that they are not well read and they dont know what goes on in the arena (of daw’ah) and so on.

And their sin is that they differed with their scholars

And from their greatest things is that they want to negate what i have mentioned:

That it is permissible to differ with regards to the rulings upon men, and obligating tabdi is null and void and i have written an article explaining the detail in this issue.

And finally: Its is compulsory to take heed of this resembling and return back to what the salaf us salih were upon.

And it is upon the scholars who are magnified  to warn their followers from this (resemblance) and to clarify to them that the proofs are not restricted to them to the exclusion to others from Ahlul sunnah wal Jama’ah and those that differ with them in their ijtihad with regards to rulings upon men are following the evidence or they view that the ruling is not in its place so there is no blame upon them.

We ask Allah to keep us firm upon the sunnah

Written by Dr Ahmed Muhhamed as Saadiq an-Najjar

Translated by Jafar ibn Ruel Jeffrey

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