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The Accusation of Cursing and Defaming The Scholars:Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār (hafidhahullāh)

Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār





Some people, when they disagree with you about an issue or view, will accuse you of “opposing the ’Ulama” or of “cursing” or “defaming” them. This is an exaggeration from two aspects:

One: it is understood from the apparent expression that he accuses you of opposing the Ijmā’ of the ’Ulama, this is a lie as he intends that you oppose some and not others so as to cause people to harshly criticise and flee from you as a result of this void claim.

Two: disagreeing with one of the scholars, based on evidence, does not mean “cursing” or “defaming” the scholar. There is no connection between the two.


These false lies are widespread in our countries from some people, and in the Western (north African) lands generally. This is to the extent that as-Sijzī said:

Especially from some of the Maghāribah [North-West Africans], anyone who differs with them they accuse of “cursing the ’Ulama” so that the hearts of the ’Ulama flee from him. They also spread words which the person has neither stated nor believes in, as a lie and fabrication against the person.


By Allāh we see this occurring in reality, people will ascribe statements to you which you would never at all even think to utter. And if they want people to flee from you they will say “you curse the ’Ulama” or “you are arrogant and do not refer back to the ’Ulama”. This is what the worst liars of them say. It is upon them to not speak, yet when they do they lie. Al-Bukhaaree said:

We are upon the saying of ’Umar when he said: “I am going to tell you something which has been pre-destined for me to say, I do not know, perhaps it is in regards to my death, so whoever understands and remembers it must narrate it to others wherever his mount takes him, but if somebody is afraid that he does not understand it, then it is not permitted for anyone to lie against me.”[2]


I ask Allāh to guide the misguided of the Muslims.


Written by,

Ahmad Muhammad as-Sādiq an-Najjār


Courtousy of




 Dated 25 July 2015/10th Shawwāl 1436 AH. Summarised From


[2] [TN]: This is from a long hadeeth about selection of the Caliph and pledging allegiance to him, narrated from Ibn ’Abbās (radi Allaahu ’anhu) in the Book of Hudūd in Saheeh Bukhārī.

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