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“To where (are you going with this) O Ahmad Baazmol?!” Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār (hafidhahullāh)

Shaykh Ahmad an-Najjār





On the internet I came across a clip from Ahmad Baazmool (formerly referred to as ‘al-’Allaamah’ by some of the youth, and then more recently as a ‘Shaykh-all-of-a-sudden’!) entitled ‘A Audio Refutation of Those Who Say ‘Why do you Refer Back to Shaykh Rabee’ for Everything?’’ So I listened to it and it made my hair stand on end. He says in it:

Why do you refer back to Shaykh Rabee’ for everything. Akhee, we do not have bigoted fanaticism to Rabee’, however give me a senior scholar like Shaykh Rabee’ that I can refer back to during trials, differences and tribulations! As for issues of Tahaarah and Salaah, there are’Ulama who comprehend these matters whom I can refer back to, they are all common. However for detailed issues you need to refer back to the ’Ulama.


O Allaah, this is indeed strange, what is this concealed defamation of the ’Ulama?! The ’Ulama do not comprehend issues of tribulation and trials so we do not refer back to them regarding them, as for Tahaarah and Salaah then these are the only issues wherein they can make Ijtihaad?! Man what have you left for Ahl ul-Bida’ to defame our ’Ulama with?! Before it used to be said about our ’Ulama “they do not understand the reality [of current affairs]”, meaning by this: the reality of current affairs relayed in newspapers and news reports, not the reality in which there can be a conceptualisation. Now today, you resemble them and say “they do not know affairs of fitan and mihan [tribulation and trials]”? And that “they do not adequately understand Manhaj”! Do you not fear Allaah for causing the youth to flee from their ’Ulama in issues of fitan and mihan? Tell me by your Lord: where did you get these corrupt principles from? Do you want the Salafees to be Hizbees?! Do you want the Salafees to not issue anything except form one Shaykh or a few Shaykhs?! Do you not fear Allaah? Leave the youth their affair/ they are to be connected with the ’Ulama of Ahl us-Sunnah in all matters of the deen and enough of your degradation of them. If this is not bigoted fanaticism to Shaykh Rabee’ then what is?! Do you want to name him with other than his name or what?! Ibn Taymiyyah stated:

Whoever is fanatical to one specific person over others, then he is like one who is fanatical to one of the Sahaabah over the others, like the Raafidee who is fanatical to Ali over the rest of the three rightly guided Khulafaa’ and the generality of the Sahaabah; and like the Khaarijee who defames ’Uthmaan and ’Ali. This is of the ways of Ahl ul-Bida’ wa’l-Ahwaa’ about whom it is verified in the Book, Sunnah and Ijmaa’ that they are censured and outside the fold of the Divine Legislation and Manhaj which Allaah sent His Messenegr with (sallAllaahu’alayhi wassallam). So whoever is fanatical to one specific person from the Imaams of fiqh has resembled those people…

A description is given to a scholar and he will explain its due ruling, and there is no difference between a description linked to an issue of Tahaarah and a description linked to an issue related to a fitnah. Maybe your corrupt principles here (O Baazmool) are worse than those who curse the ’Ulama as not knowing the Fiqh ul-Waaqi’ from one aspect, as the Waaqi’ is not from the deen and an adequate conceptualisation of it cannot be detected upon which to issue a ruling, so their ignorance of it is not a deficiency. This is different from defaming the ’Ulama for “not having fiqh of issues of fitan” and “not adequately comprehending the Manhaj”, as adequately estimating fitan and their levels and rulings is from the deen and the Manhaj is from the deen. The ’Ulama have knowledge of issues of fitan and is not like the ’Uloom ul-Aalah which can possibly fluctuate among the ’Ulama, and the speech is about the ’Ulama and not those less than them.


All praise is due to Allaah in all matters


Written by,

Ahmad Muhammad as-Sādiq an-Najjār

 Dated 24th August 2015/10th Dhu’l-Qa’dah 1436 AH. Summarised From


Translated by Salafibayaan

Salafibayaan allows for this article in its present form  and with no alterations to be distributed ,printed photocopied and disbursed by electionic means for the purpose of spreading its content with the condition that the link  is given to this article and the publisher is acknowledged








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