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A word about Hamas-Shaykh Ali Hasan al-Halabi

A Word about Hamas

Shaykh ‘Ali Hassan al-Halabi[1]

Q. A brother is asking about Hamas – is it a splinter of the Muslim Brotherhood?

A. Yes – this is something that is well-known – the founders of Hamas are the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. And their link, which is also well-known, with Iran is something they do not deny, as is their pact with Hizb Ullah, the Lebanese Shee’ee Raafidee group, in addition to other things like this.

However, I would like to say a nurturing word of guidance. My brother Muslims are in Gaza now living in some of the most difficult and harsh conditions – bombardment, killing, slaughtering and bombing and destruction without any differentiation between civilians and military; the religious and irreligious; the Muslims and non-Musliims.

The killing at the hands of the Yahood is indiscriminate – even if they claim they are killing as a mercy. They are lying. They are the ones who killed the prophets, so does anyone after them stand a chance? They want to cause a trauma to the Muslims in Gaza.

For the moment, we do not want to get into the labyrinth of what the cause of this is, who is behind it and what the case would be if one side or the other remained quiet. This is the time for prayer and supplication. This should be a time of giving benefit and benefitting and endeavour on our part.

It is upon you, and upon Hamas and upon the Muslim Brotherhood and other than them to know that which should be done and that which should not be done; when they should act; when they should keep quiet and when they should speak.

We could do something based upon opinion that could have a positive impact, but this may result in negative ramifications of a great many more times. And this goes against the Sharee’ah and its intent.

This situation calls for three things:

That we pray for our oppressed brothers that Allaah gives them safety from that which they face, and success.That we pray against those criminals, the brothers of apes and pigs, who do not regard any sanctity for the believer.That we pray for the movements of Hamas and the Brotherhood, and other than them, that Allaah guides them to the Sunnah, upon the correct ‘aqeedah and the methodology of truth – calling to the Book of Allaah and Sunnah of the messenger sall Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – far displaced from this association [they have] – regardless whether it is political, creed-based or strategic. And all goodness is in the saying of the Most High {and hold tight to the rope of Allaah and do not be divided} and His saying, {If you follow him} i.e. this prophet {you will be guided}.

For this reason, after 80 years of partisan work, what have they achieved and what fruits have they borne for the Ummah? This is a great question that needs an answer that is greater and deeper but with transparency and truthfulness.


[1] A question was posed during Fataawa al-athar on the satellite channel al-Athar to Shaykh ‘Ali bin Hassan al-Halabi on 14/7/14

Translated by Akeel Ahmed

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